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Study Flow・Course Content

Study Flow

The acquisition of a second language alone does not make an internationally-minded person.

Select a course and a major language upon entrance, and then establish goals for learning
First, consider your future and choose one of five courses. The "Basic Seminar" class will also enable you to experience the enjoyment of studying a language and culture.

Bring the results of the first year to fruition in small class sizes and according to individual levels of proficiency
Gradually and steadily improve your linguistic capacity in the selected language within a comprehensive system of small class sizes and in line with your actual proficiency. One feature of this Faculty is our students' high rate of improvement in their TOEIC® scores.

Specialized learning based on the linguistic capabilities acquired so far
Based on the linguistic ability that you have developed to this point, you will experience the language and culture of a related country over a variety of fields including history, music and art, and gain a broad-ranging vision and education.

Language is a tool: Create a graduate thesis that investigates the "content" of what you want to express
The core of fourth year study is "Graduate Research". With each student deciding on a research subject, then announcing and discussing that content, you will gain the ability to convey your intentions clearly.

Course Content

  • English Language (Language: English)
    Goal: TOEIC® score of 600 or higher
    Through our original curriculum, the aim of this course is to acquire practical linguistic ability in "English as a common international language", and improve your TOEIC® score. listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities... You will be trained to display a linguistic capability that enables you to immediately show your potential on the forefront of international business.
  • Chinese Language (Language: Chinese)
    All our students have passed the Third Level of the Chinese Proficiency Test.
    Chinese is the language spoken by the greatest number of people in the world. All of our students have passed the Third Grade of the Chinese Proficiency Test, and this course offers the goal of passing the Second Grade or higher in order to nurture talented individuals who will further exchange with China, a country exhibiting remarkable economic development.
  • Spanish Language (Language: Spanish)
    Goal: Pass Level 3 or higher in the Official Evaluation of Spanish Language Knowledge
    Spanish is used in the most countries and regions in the world. Mixing in events that put you in touch with that culture, this course aims to nurture experts who excel in understanding and have linguistic capabilities in a broad range of topics like history, literature and society. The goal is to attain Level 3 or higher in the Official Evaluation of Spanish Language Knowledge.
  • Indonesian and Malayan Language (Language: Indonesian / Malay)
    Goal: Pass Level C in the Indonesian Language Proficiency Examination
    This course studies the international languages of an area of Southeast Asia that is enjoying prosperous economic exchange with Japan. This is the only university faculty in Japan where these two languages can be studied simultaneously. You will cultivate an ability to communicate in order to play an active role in Southeast Asia.
  • Liberal Studies (Language: English)
    Heighten your capability in English and hone a level of education that is useful in society
    Offering numerous cultural subjects, you can learn about a variety of different fields, such as international politics, literature and history. Improve your command of English towards becoming a true internationally-minded person through lectures, extracurricular seminars, and more.