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Faculty of Law

Students systematically study various laws and the spirit behind them that have evolved and will continue to evolve as society changes.

What will you learn in the Faculty of Law?

The study of law - an academic field ever advancing along with the development of society- is one of the indispensable components for society and is deeply rooted in it. It wouldn't be too much to say that society would not have been as it was without the establishment of law. Our daily life would not be the same without rules, namely laws. A traffic accident is a good example. It wouldn't be so easy to solve disputes between the two sides involved in the accident without judicial judgments.

The social environment related to law is drastically changing. Modern society has become more complicated as globalization, informatization and such progresses. Against the back ground of such social change, the study of law is expected to be more than just the study of existing judicial framework. It is expected to be sensitive to social change and be able to incorporate it into a new judicial framework, which can work better for society.