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Study Flow・Course Content

Study Flow

Learning in the Faculty of Law is systematized in accordance with each occupation, and a full system of support is offered in order to enable you to advance steadily while considering the specifics of your future.

Learn a legal foundation in order to become familiar with the law and imagine work in the future
"Special Classes for Law and Politics I" will develop your qualifications and deepen the knowledge you will need for work in the field of law. Preparation for the examinations required for employment is implemented from the very first year in order for you to acquire the corresponding fundamental knowledge.

The start of separate courses: Specialty subjects are added toward greatly increasing an interest in learning
Compulsory subjects are established for each course in your second year, and specialty learning begins as well. From the second half of the year, "Seminar I" will further strengthen your legal thought process in regard to a diversity of issues.

Mix practical activities for a broad range of learning
The number of specialty subjects is further increased in year 3, with "Seminar II" marking the beginning of research activities. You will learn a broad range of content, while mixing in such practical activities as mock trials and fieldwork.

Determine a theme (such as the issues of the jury system) and investigate your own answers
In your fourth year, you will decide on a "graduate research" theme and immerse yourself in research activities. While considering the issues faced by society and the law, you will also cultivate the practical ability to distinguish the essence of each problem and formulate a solution.

Course Content

  • Legal Advanced
    Developing expert knowledge of the law with a focus on the 6 major laws of Japan
    This is the optimal course for students who aim to work in a legal occupation or serve as a national civil servant, such as being a judge, a public prosecutor, or a lawyer. You will systematically study the six major laws of Japan, "The Constitution", "Civil Law", "Criminal Law", "Commercial Law", "Civil Procedure Codes", and "Criminal Procedure Codes", acquire the appropriate qualifications, and cultivate a readiness to immediately display your potential while practicing the interpretation and application of the law based on judicial precedence and references.
  • Regal Business Career
    Studying the various relationships between corporations and the law, such as a commercial transactions, labor, and tax laws
    Along with study that focuses on Civil Law and Commercial Law, this course will also touch on corporate legal work and laws related to consumer protection. You will learn comprehensively about the relationships between corporations and society, and consumers and society, from a legal point of view, and be involved in regular study and practice with an aim at becoming a businessperson who can build healthy relationships between corporate activities and society on the basis of proper legal judgment.
  • Regional Policy
    Researching legal possibilities toward the safety and security of the local community
    This course aims at a career path that contributes to the local community, with a focus on general local civil servant occupations and the police. Such jobs require the imagination and drive to resolve the problems of life in each area, so you will study a broad range of law and policies, and cultivate the ability to judge all phenomena and relationships from a legal standpoint and the capability to think and convey logically and motivate the community.
  • Sports Law and Policy
    Analyzing the social role of sports from the perspective of law and policy
    This course provides a deeper understanding of sports law and policy. It is designed for student athletes who are pursuing both academic studies and extracurricular sports and who wish to go on to work in the police force, as firefighters, or for a sports-related firm.