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Faculty of Nursing

Collaborating with local hospitals to foster nurses with high practical abilities who understand drugs

Requirements of the nursing profession are changing both in mission, prompted by aging societies and structural changes in disease, and in the advancement of skills, with the emergence of a new system called team medical care.
On the other hand, by definition, nurses are expected to fulfill the role of healthcare staff closest to patients. Providing best nursing practices, which involves communicating with healthcare recipients and ensuring each the best quality of life, requires both a deep understanding of people and society, and highly specialized skills based in science.
To foster these skilled professional nurses who form the link between people and medical care, the Faculty of Nursing collaborates with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences to offer classes that deepen the students' understanding of drugs as well as a broad range of exercises to hone the communication skills necessary in team medical care, all in an educational environment of the same standard as leading hospitals. It also collaborates in education and research with four core hospitals near the campus in Hirakata City (Hoshigaoka Koseinenkin Hospital, Kansai Medical University Hirakata Hospital, Hirakata City Hospital, and Hirakata Kohsai Hospital) so that students can develop their studies on campus into advanced practical skills through training in sophisticated medical environments.