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Faculty of Nursing|After Graduation/Career Choices

Our graduates are hired to work in health-related industries, primarily at medical institutions that provide clinical training for our students, or they go on to study at graduate school.

Graduates start out at hospitals that provide clinical training, such as four local hospitals with which the school has a partnership agreement, or they find work at medical institutions across the country that have a history of hiring graduates from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Graduates may work in a health-related industry as a clinical research coordinator or go on to graduate school to become a nursing professional with advanced qualifications. (A plan to establish a graduate school is under consideration, timed for the first class of graduates.)

Career Info

What Our Graduates Do

As the aging of the population continues in Japan, there has been strong demand for well-qualified nursing professionals in a wide variety of areas. Some graduates may work not only in hospitals, but also home-visit nursing stations, welfare facilities, or child-care centers, while others may work as coordinators who promote clinical trials and researches. Besides, getting a midwifery qualification enables them to play a significant role in many fields associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

Select Employers of Recent Graduates

  • Osaka University Hospital
  • Osaka Medical Collge Hospital
  • Osaka City University Hospital
  • Osaka City General Hospital
  • Kansai Medical University Hospital
  • Kyoto University Hospital
  • National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
  • Hirakata City Hospital
  • Hirakata kohsai Hospital
  • Hoshigaoka Medical Center