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Study Flow・Course Content

Study Flow

Interlocking lectures and practice to cultivate a high degree of professionalism

Master the basics for the study of nursing.
While learning to understand the structure and functions of the human body and the processes of disease and recovery, the principles of nursing and basics of helping are studied. Nursing practice also begins in the later term.

Study of specialized subjects begins in earnest. Nursing is learned in accordance with the subject.
Learn nursing according to the life cycle of child, adult, old age. With deeper study of nursing and therapy in the healing of a disease and the process of recovery, the quality of nurses improves.

Experience nursing in actual clinical practice, to master practical skills.
Clinical training in each specialized area begins in the later term of the third year. Experience actual nursing on the scene. Fundamental skills for the practice of nursing are cultivated.

Scientific thinking and judgment are improved through graduation studies.
Graduation studies (nursing research) pull together four years of learning. Discover issues in nursing and exercise the power to resolve them with a scientific outlook.

Main Off-campus Training Sites

  • Hoshigaoka Koseinenkin Hospital

    Hoshigaoka Koseinenkin Hospital
    A local medical support hospital that provides highly specialized medical care, it has a number of designations, such as being a core cancer center for Osaka prefecture, and also many nurses in specialized activities.
    ●Number of beds: 580●Number of departments: 26
  • Kansai Medical University Hirakata Hospital

    Kansai Medical University Hirakata Hospital
    This university hospital provides advanced medical care, approved as a specific function hospital including as an advanced emergency and critical care center, comprehensive perinatal medical center, a core cancer treatment cooperation hospital and disaster hospital.
    ●Number of beds: 750●Number of departments: 38
  • Hirakata City Hospital

    Hirakata City Hospital
    Already equipped with a multidisciplinary healthcare system from internal medicine to neurosurgery, construction of a new hospital with an endoscopic surgery center and radiotherapy is now underway.
    ●Number of beds: 335●Number of departments: 20
  • Hirakata Kohsai Hospital

    Hirakata Kohsai Hospital
    Focused on enhancing medical care and emergency care by specialists, it provides 24-hour response in internal medicine and cardiovascular disease as an emergency hospital.
    ●Number of beds: 313●Number of departments: 25
  • Other Training Sites
    Osaka Psychiatric Medical Center / Osaka City General Hospital / Aijinkai Rehabilitation Hospital / Takatsuki General Hospital / Yao Municipal Hospital / Saiseikai Noe Hospital / Osaka Koseinenkin Hospital / Ujioubaku Hospital / Kyoto Prefectural Rakunan Hospital / Saiseikai Kyoto Hospital / Nara Social Insurance Hospital