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Faculty of Business Administration

Fostering human resources that can use their knowledge to identify and solve problems.

Rapid globalization of economies, proliferation of information technology, growth of emerging economies like China and India, increasingly serious challenges of the environment?Japan's business environment is changing at a staggering pace and becoming ever more complex. Business administration studies explore the mechanisms of our society. Students will learn to take interest in a broad range of issues, from those in their own community to those that span the globe, and acquire the ability to inquire into those issues independently from the perspective of business administration. The first and second years focus on cultivating the basics of specialized knowledge and prepare students so they can adapt to the rapid changes in contemporary society. Classes thereafter take both a theoretical and practical approach to building general as well as specialized knowledge about businesses and society at large, through which students learn to identify real-life problems and devise measures to solve them. Career training starts in the first year, offering students a chance to envision their future. Each of the faculty's four courses includes fieldwork in society. By applying using knowledge best suited to practical settings, students are encouraged to think about their capabilities and shape their own views of business administration.