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Faculty of Science and Engineering

Pursuing the realization of a sustainable society by integrating engineering and science

Thanks to leading-edge technologies, the business stage has expanded globally and even started to reach the sea bottom and into space in a 3-D way.At the same time, it has become an important objective for us to realize a sustainable society by conserving the environment and keeping people in good shape in an aging society. Science and Engineering is a multidisciplinary program designed to integrate Engineering, which supports a highly-modern society, into Science of the Natural Science field.The faculty of Science and Engineering at Setsunan University is built upon established science and aims to help students acquire expertise to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a symbiotic relationship with nature.The faculty consists of six departments, covering the architecture of a living space, to the science technology field that supports industries of future. The faculty is engaged in education and research in collaboration with society, along with renowned researchers from each field and teachers with development experience from companies.

Small-group classes provide more "hands-on" experience.

From the first year, the Engineering Faculty prepares small classes in which students have more chances to get "hands-on" experience. They are expected to build a solid foundation of basic knowledge in the field and get ready for their graduate research in the fourth year, in which they will learn how to be creative and how to apply the knowledge they have gained to new situations.

Latest facilities and equipment gives full support.

A full range of facilities and equipment allows students to gain practical experience on how to use them and also enhances their information processing skills.