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Study Flow・Course Content

Study Flow

Building the base of engineers who can play an active part in society through various experiments, exercises, and practice.

Participate in small-group seminars from the first year and thoroughly solidify your knowledge base
Small-group seminars are offered from year one, with the instructor carefully guiding you on fundamental thinking in specialized areas, on undertaking experiments and practice, on handling experimental and measuring instruments, and more.

Select the course that suits your desired future and toward more specialized study
Keeping in mind the type of occupation that you hope to be involved with in the future, in year two you will select a course* that enables more selective study in a more specialized field. The chance to be involved in experiments and practice also increases during this year through various seminars.

Participate in experiments and practice almost every day, and transform your wisdom to be able to use the knowledge you obtain
The opportunity for experiments and practice will increase even further in your third year, the content of study becomes even more advanced, and more in-depth learning is accomplished. The aim is at a deeper understanding of the knowledge that you have learned to this point as theory.

Develop even further through graduate research and polish your ability to be useful in the real world
In the fourth year, you will select a theme for your graduation research based on the expertise that you have studied to that point. Forge an aptitude for making presentations and refine your skills toward having an active role in your chosen specialty field.

Course Content

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    Investigating environment-friendly energy systems and a high-efficiency semiconductor integrated circuits
    The aim of this course is to train professional engineers in advanced electric power systems and electrical and electronic devices. You will study selectively on a base of "Electrical Engineering", which teaches about generating and transferring electrical energy and about electric power equipment, and in "Electronic Engineering", you will learn the foundation of electronic components as well as electronics.
  • Information and Communication Engineering
    Exploring practical methods of utilizing next-generation computers and the future of multimedia communication
    Aimed at engineers in software development, multimedia communication, and other subjects who will be leaders in the IT society of the future, the focuses of study in this course are "Information Engineering", which investigates the principles of the computer and the application of those principles, and "Communication Engineering", which studies broadcasting technology and principles of cellular phones, among other topics.
  • Comprehensive Electrical and Communication Systems
    Comprehensively studying electrical and communication equipment technology with a curriculum that aims at JABEE certification
    In recent years, electric power systems have become complex arrays of electrical and communication equipment. Through this course, established with an aim toward the acquisition of expertise in next-generation electric power system equipment, you will be involved in the comprehensive study of electrical equipment and communication equipment.