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Study Flow・Curriculum

Study Flow

Our 4 year program gradually develops the basics and advanced
knowledge as environmental specialists through interdisciplinary
lectures, exercises, and practical trainings.

Participation from the very first year in small-group seminars of specialized fields together with other fundamentals is aimed to build up your base of knowledge.

Continue to expand your knowledge and training in higher level of contents, enabling you to start thinking of your future professional direction.

Broaden your knowledge and experience in more specialized field, by selecting courses toward your profession.

Focus on your Graduate research which requires application of all the experiences and knowledge that you have acquired. This essential research confirms your skills and abilities toward your professional career.

Constructing a curriculum yourself based on your course of study

From April 2014
Introducing a "course" system into the Faculty of Science and Engineering's Department of Living and Environmental Design!

Select the preferred course in your third year to enable study in pursuit of even more advanced specialized skills.

Environmental Design | Study the environment scientifically and explore the ideals for the coexistence of humans and Nature.

Environmental Design

This course clarifies the essence of Nature, such as in its plants, water, light, thermal heat, and wind, as well as the influence that it has on people. A broad range of applications and various activities are planned, from urban environmental management in order to offset the heat island effect to residential designs that incorporate Nature into the living environment.

Spatial Design | You will create a variety of "spaces" in this course, from the home interior to urban environments.

Spatial Design

Various scenarios can be produced from the form of even an individual "chair", such as concentration, relaxation, and dialogue, and a diversity of different spaces exist: interior, residential, townscapes, cityscapes... While learning how to borrow and effectively utilize the power of Nature, you can develop into a professional creator of spaces.

General Living Environment Design | Reach the extremes of both environmental design and spatial design, and play an active part as a new-age professional.

Living Environment Management

Common to all three of these courses is the cultivation of individuals who have studied both the environment and spaces and thus possess a broad perspective and wide-ranging skills on the living environment. However, in this course, you will study both contents in greater depth to feature a high level of "hybrid" skills. Learn to deal with social subjects that cannot be solved by a single area of expertise with the strengths of a first-class architect, plus more.