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Department of Architecture

Promoting architects with expertise in both engineering technology and artistic creativity

Architecture that creates a comfortable living environment

Architecture seeks to create the most convenient and comfortable living environment and encompasses a wide range of fields that have a direct effect on people's lives.Research subjects of architectural engineering range from the construction of houses and other various facilities to the development of local and urban communities.To be able to cope with such various subjects,the Department of Architecture encourages students to strengthen both knowledge and technology in the areas of construction and development in a balanced manner.After that, they are further expected to learn both architectural engineering, and construction/urban planning. We believe that,equipped with these two,students will become ideal architectural engineers,who know both ways of transferring science into technology,and ways of incorporating technology into our social life.

Promoting better understanding of architectural techniques from diverse perspectives

In order to carry out educational and research activities systematically, the department divides the study of architecture into three courses.

Architectural design course

The course aims to develop architects, interior designers and other design engineers. It offers studies on the planning, design and reform of buildings starting with private residences, with a focus also on the research of universal design and other up-to-date concepts.

Architectural engineering course

The course aims to develop architectural construction and management engineers and air conditioning, lighting and structural design engineers. It offers studies on structural theory in addition to the mechanisms and methods of wood, reinforced concrete and steel construction, and conducts geotechnical and other research in pursuit of quake resistance.

Comprehensive architecture course

The course aims to develop architectural engineers acquainted with a wide range of fields through well-balanced studies on all areas related to architecture including planning and design, environment, structure and construction. It thinks about architecture through diverse standpoints and cultivates a comprehensive ability to propose solutions.