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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Pursuing mechanical technology with knowledge from various fields


Mechanical engineering forms the basis for all other engineering

As the foundation for every other kind of engineering, mechanical engineering makes a huge contribution to industrial development. From transportation machinery, such as aircraft and automobiles, which could be said to be symbols of civilized society, to production machinery, precision machinery and powered machinery, benefits such as these that the development of mechanical engineering has made possible can be seen in every aspect of human life.Still, mechanical engineering seeks a whole new development of technology by combining itself with technologies in other fields. Excellent examples in our high-tech society are information devices and medical equipment, which resulted from combining mechanical engineering with electrical and electronics engineering. With global environmental problems emerging in recent years,the existing industrial structure advances its transformation into one characterized by anti-pollution, preservation of resources, and energy saving. Against the backdrop of this situation, the department has started working on the development and improvement of environment-friendly systems. For all of these new attempts to result in the successful development of mechanical engineering, it is necessary to have a whole new array of knowledge from all different academic fields such as electrical and electronics engineering, chemistry, biotechnology and medicine as well as expertise in mechanical engineering itself.

Mechanical engineering starts with the "Introduction to Mechanical Engineering"

Today, the development of industrial technology is very rapid and sometimes even revolutionary. However, we aim to produce mechanical engineers capable of keeping up with new technologies appearing one after the next. To become such engineers, we believe that students first need to acquire basic knowledge and technology of mechanical engineering thoroughly. On top of that, they are expected to foster their capability to take full advantage of analytical and practical skills. Our curriculum starts with "Introduction to Mechanical Engineering," one of the core subjects for first year students.Each of our teaching staff introduces his or her specialized area of mechanical engineering. This class gives students an overview of mechanical engineering and an opportunity to ascertain how they are studying in order to contribute to society.Then, they proceed to study a specialty area of their own choice. In the second semester of their third year, students join a seminar according to their interest and start preparing for their graduate research by learning basic knowledge of an even more specialized area in a smaller group.