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Department of Life Science

Train the bio-engineers and researchers of tomorrow to be on the forefront of medicine and environmental fields to improve the future humanity.

Knowledge and technologies from the rapidly-growing field of bioscience have a large impact on various fields such as medicine, engineering and agriculture. This department's bioscience focuses on the aging society and the environmental issues that will become more serious issues in the near future, and our students are expected to acquire related skills to contribute to the wellness of people in harmony with nature. Throughout basic research involving bioscience, students are expected to acquire knowledge of leading-edge biotechnology including analytical technology, in order to prepare them for a wide range of fields such as medicine and environment.

Our goal is to have students acquire expert knowledge through the curriculum.

After freshman year, where students learn overall bioscience, juniors choose a course of their interest depending on their future career goals. They will be split into two courses, which are the Biology Course, focusing on the elucidation of life mechanisms, the development of new medicine and drug discovery research, and the Environment Course focusing on research in environmental fields such as pollution control.

Students acquire knowledge of modern biotechnologies

Aiming to help them smoothly acquire expertise, we have introduced modern biotechnologies used in the field, including genetic engineering, protein X-ray crystallography analysis and bioanalytical chemistry for enviromental pollutants.

A long-term internship program to get to know the actual workplace

In their junior year, they will take part in two weeks off-campus practice as a requisite. They will learn at a company or research institution in industries such as pharmaceuticals, environmental measuring, food analysis and so on.