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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

We pursue an urban system that is safe, comfortable, and environment-friendly

Toward building various urban systems

Civil and environmental engineering are responsible for social infrastructure, building urban lifelines such as bridges, roads, railways, water supply and sewage, and so on. In Japan, its world-class technology has promoted the development of social infrastructure to a great extent, and the introduction of cutting edge technology renders urban systems highly complicated and advanced. On the other hand, realizing that Mother Nature and the Earth itself is in serious trouble, we now need to build urban systems that can coexist with the natural environment and eco-system. Considering these factors, our department tries to understand cities and the environment systematically, focusing on an engineering education which involves both construction technology and urban environment. We are determined to help our students become well-trained engineers who can devote themselves to building functional systems for urban societies.

New course system promotes in-depth studies.

Specialty courses are divided into two categories, "construction" and "environment and planning." Students are expected to build a solid foundation of knowledge in their target area. In the second year, students can choose one of three courses, namely, "Construction Course," "Environment and Planning Course," and "Civil and Environmental Course," and study the relevant subjects intensively. We believe this course system helps students better to pursue their academic interests. In addition, to prepare students for computerization in construction business, we offer classes in which they learn how to use CAD/CAE systems for planning and designing. This is an excellent opportunity for them to develop advanced computer skills that are practical and applicable by using the latest facilities and equipment.