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Course Content

  • Research
    Engage in specialized research, aiming to become a pharmaceutical researcher
    With the aim of going on to graduate school or become a pharmaceutical researcher at a public or private research facility, a specialized theme to pursue is set and research is deepened. Advanced pharmaceutical research is possible, including collaborative research at medical facilities or corporations, and new drug research.
  • Clinical Research
    Refine clinical techniques, aiming to become a pharmacist working in the clinical field
    In addition to 5 months of practical training in hospitals and pharmacies, we aim to improve the pharmacist's research capabilities by incorporating research at hospitals and pharmacies into the curriculum. The ability to take an active role in the medical field as a pharmacist who can conduct research is polished.
  • Drug Information Research
    Deepen knowledge and consider better ways of using drugs.
    Study the current situation of a pharmacist's work and its future, including utilization surveys of generic drugs and procedures for drug management. Preparation for the national examination for pharmacists has also been further developed, to aid in acquiring that license.