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Apart from the standard entrance examinations, Setsunan University also carries out "International Student Entrance Examination" and "Returnee Student Entrance Examination" in order to actively accept international and returnee students. We are also accepting exchange students from cooperating schools overseas, and exchange between students is also currently flourishing centered around international students from Asia. Such exchange with international students holds important significance, including mutual understanding and the promotion of friendship, and it serves as an opportunity for all students to gain international outlook and cultivate themselves.

International Students

International Student Entrance Examination

Setsunan University accepts the international students for the undergraduate faculties and departments. They are selected through the international student entrance examination. Since the matriculates are supposed to attend lectures given mostly in Japanese, it may be recommendable for the foreign students to have higher skills in Japanese. The supplementary Japanese language program is offered and the international students may be attend all the Japanese language classes, regardless the number of units.

For details on the international student entrance examination, please contact our Admission office.

* Admission requirements for International students


Setsunan University provides its own scholarship program and others for international students who are eager to learn and devote themselves to study.

For details on the scholarships, please contact the Global Education Center.

  • International Student On-Campus Scholarship:
    • Setsunan University offers this scholarship to international students who are enrolled in regular courses of our Faculties or Graduate Schools and meet certain criteria.
  • Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students:
    • This is a scholarship granted by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). On behalf of the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), Setsunan University selects and decides on nominees.
  • Other privately funded scholarships (adopted in the past three years)
    • The Korean Scholarship Foundation
    • Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation
    • Heiwa Nakajima Foundation - Scholarship for Foreign Students
    • Daiyukyo Foundation of International Exchange, Assistance and Research Scholarship
    • Japan Educational Exchanges and Services JEES General Scholarship
    • Okahata Seifu Scholarship Fund (Osaka International Center Scholarship Foundation)

International student tuition exemption program

Among international students who are enrolled in regular courses of our Faculties or Graduate Schools, are paying their own expenses, those who meet certain criteria may be partially or fully exempted from tuition.

Dormitories for international students

"International House of Setsunan University" is available on our Neyagawa campus, and the "International House of Josho Gakuen Educational Foundation" has also been established in Osaka City (near Noe Station, Keihan Main Line).

Returnee Students

Returnee Student Entrance Examination

In order to accept a diversity of students into the University, returning students who have studied overseas are targeted for selection based on a test of their scholastic ability and an interview. For details, please contact our Admissions Office.