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Lecture and Workshop on Shakespeare's Hamlet by Mr. Ben Crystal

June 05, 2017

On April 27, 2017, Setsunan welcomed Mr. Ben Crystal for his lecture and workshop on Shakespeare's <Hamlet>. He is an actor, as well as a theatre producer and director, who leads Passion in Practice in London. Passion in Practice is a group dedicated to researching the original practices of the Shakespearean stage in order to develop new techniques for the modern stage. He has also published <An Illustrated Dictionary of Shakespeare>, the Springboard Shakespeare series, and other books on Shakespeare.

The studio in Building 10 was filled with 40 eager workshop participants including students. Mr. Crystal showed the participants how to read the stage instructions that are coded into the works of Shakespeare. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of reading Shakespeare's original script in depth with the help of the director's questions and guidance. As an added bonus, several students were able to act out a scene from the first act of <Hamlet>. It was a rare opportunity for students to receive stage direction from a professional. The lucky students who participated were able to improve their performance skills through the direction they received from the one and only Mr. Crystal. The lecture and workshop hour closed with a highlight, Ben's demonstration of the original pronunciation of Shakespeare's English.

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by Todd HOOPER & Aiko SAITO / Photo by Kumiko MORI & Aiko SAITO