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Lecture on Puppet Theatre by Miss Helen Foan

June 05, 2017

On April 27, 2017, students welcomed the puppeteer, puppet maker and actor from UK, Miss Helen Foan. Second year students prepared questions to interview Helen.

According to Helen, puppets " can do a lot more than actors. A puppet can fly,...can explode on stage, a puppet can 'die' better than acted by actors. If a puppet is used well, ...and it dies, and the puppeteers drop it, and walk away, the puppet is definitely 'dead.' It's got no one to move it, it can't breathe: the thing that audience has fallen in love with, is completely gone."

"What I love as a puppet maker is the endless possibilities of different types of puppets. You have Bunrau, beautifully crafted, incredibly skilled objects. You have to train for a long time to make it. And on the other end, you have a puppet made of rubbish, or anything you like. Because it's story-telling, you can make a character out of anything."

Helen then started creating a character with a white plastic bag, turning it into a mischievous creature which eventually jumped on a student's cap to laugh a wicked laugh [www]. The audience couldn't help chuckling at the sight.

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