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Junior High School English Seminar 2017

August 22, 2017

On July 22nd, the Junior High School English Seminar was held by Setsunan University. Twenty-six junior high school students joined teachers and students from the Faculty of Foreign Studies to participate in a fun and educational day of language activities.

After introductions, students played Ultimate Frisbee, which is a sport like soccer played with flying discs. It was an exciting and energetic way to start the day. Students were able to understand the game rules given in English with no problem. After a short break to cool down, students participated in a scavenger hunt. Setsunan University students guided the junior high school students around the campus in a search to discover the mysteries hidden of Setsunan University. In the afternoon, the students worked in the CALL rooms. There they worked on two projects, using the Internet to do research for making an original poster and making a movie with smartphones. In these hands-on projects, students could use their English ability while gaining experience with the technological tools available on campus. To finish the day, they enjoyed ice cream while playing a quiz game about the cultures of English speaking countries.

Overall, the students reported that they had a great time and that they would like to participate in this kind of program again. Of course, we were happy with the effort that the junior high school students made to use their English skills. We hope to see these students again in the future!

by Todd HOOPER / Photo by Daisuke SUZUKI