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Application Form

Admission Requirements

1. Documents to submit (Semester Course)

  • (1) Japanese Programs [Form 1]
    ①Application Form, ②Study Plan, ③Certificate of Japanese Proficiency, ④Certificate of Health
    ※ These documents must be written in Japanese or English.
  • (2) Exchange Student Programs [Form2]
  • (3)Application for certificate of Eligibility (For VISA) [Form3]
  • (4) Academic Transcript of your final academic background
  • (5) Five identical full-face photographs (30mm by 40mm)
  • (6) Copies of your Passport

2. Deadline:

  • (1)First (Spring) Semester: November 1
  • (2)Second (Fall) Semester: April 1
    You will receive the result of documentary examination by email. Skype interview may be required as well.

Intensive Course (For 1 week to several weeks)

1. Documents to submit

  • Japanese Programs [Form 4]

2. Deadline:

  • 2 months before the desired start date of your enrollment.

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