Seminar at the RIMS of Kyoto University
Applications of RG Methods in Mathematical Sciences
2007 September 12 (Wed) - 2007 September 14 (Fri)

Res.Inst.Math.Sci. Room No.115

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Scope of the Symposium :

A seminar on Applications of the Renormalization Group (RG) Methods in Mathematical Sciences was held at the Research Institute for Mathmatical Sciences (RIMS) of Kyoto University, from September 12th, 2007 to September 14th, 2007. This seminar was planned to cover recent topics in Mathematical Sciences in which renormalization group methods are used paractically or spiritually. So this covered not only traditional fields like statistical mechanics, field theory, fluid mechanics and non-linear partial differential equations but also a recent progress in the filed theory on non-commutative (NC) space-time. Talks given in the seminar will be reported in the proceedings "Applications of RG Methods in Mathematical Sciences", to be published from the institute (hopefully) by next spring.

Programme (Final form)

List of Lectures and Speakers
([pdf] is linked to paper or abstract)

date/time speaker(s) affiliation(s) title
Sept. 12
11:30-12:20 K. Aoki, T.Kobayashi Kanazawa Univ Study of 1D system of long range intyerctions by Finaite Range Scaling [pdf]
14:00-14:50 V.Rivasseau Paris Sud XI Rigorous NC Renormalization (I), Motivation and Overview [pdf]
15:00-15:50 A. Suzuki, W.Sasaki Hokkaido Univ. Fermionic Renormalization Group Method Based on the Feshbach Map [pdf]
16:00-1650 F. Hiroshima Kyushu Univ. Functional Integral Representation of the Pauli-Fierz Model with Spin 1/2 [pdf]
Sept. 13
9:30-10:20 S. Watanabe Gunma Univ. Mathematical Analysis of the BCS-Bogolyubov Theory [pdf]
10:30-11:20 H.Tamura Kanazawa Univ. Boson Gas Mean Field Models in Weak Trapping Potentials by Means of Random Point Fields [pdf]
11:30-12:20 Y.Ito Tokushima Univ. What are happening in the Physics of Electrons, Atoms and Molecules ?: Physical Reality Revisited [pdf]
14:00-14:50 V.Rivasseau Paris Sud XI Rigorous NC Renormalization (II), Scales and Renormalization Group [pdf]
15:00-15:50 T.Yanagisawa Nara Women's Univ. On the paper "Blows Ups and Complex Solutions of the 3D Navier-Stokes System and RG Method" by Y. Sinai et al. [pdf]
16:00-16:50 H. Nakano Kochi Univ. Recent Topics in the Theory of Random Schroedinger Operators [pdf]
Sept. 14
9:30-10:20 M.W.Yoshida, S.Albeverio Kansai Univ., Univ. Bonn New Renormalization for the Field Operators on Constructive QFT by means of the Hida Product [pdf]
10:30-11:20 H. Chiba Kyoto Univ. Approximation of Vector Fields on the RG Method and its Applications to the Synchronization [pdf]
11:30-12:20 T.Nishino Kobe Univ. Corner Transfer Matrix RG Method Applied to Ising Model on the Hypebolic Plane [pdf]
14:00-14:50 V.Rivasseau Paris Sud XI Rigorous NC Renormalization (III), Constructive Approach [pdf]
15:00-15:50 M. Wunsch RIMS & Wien Univ. On a One-Parameter Fluid Dynamics Model Equation [pdf]
16:00-16:50 M.Kuse, F.Hiroshima, K.R.Ito Kyushu (K and H), Setsunan (I) Non-Linear Evolution Equation Derived from the RG Equations of Wegner-Hpoughton-Aoki type [pdf]

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