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Institute for Fundamental Sciences

Institute for Fundamental Sciences was established in 2010 to teach basic mathematics and physics essential for students. We have placement tests, so that students can maximize their abilities despite their awareness that math and physics are hard to deal with. We lay students' ground leading to their majors. We also carry out cutting-edge researches on the areas of mathematics and physics, such as differential geometry, functional analysis, new energy and condensed matter physics.


1F, Building No.5 (relocated)

Bld. No.3(Math.)
Member Research
Toshio NAKATSU Mathematical Physics
Toshimasa KOBAYASHI Differential Geometry
Shigenori SEKI String Theory, Particle Physics
Takehiro AZUMA Particle Physics
Kyoko TOMOEDA Applied Mathematics
Yusuke OHKUBO Integrable systems


2F, Building No.8

Bld. No.8(Physics)
Member Research
Osamu KAMISHIMA Atomic Oscillation
Takeshi NAGASHIMA Terahertz Wave Physics
Atsushi HIGASHIYA Solid State Physics (experimental)