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Study Flow・Course Content

Study Flow(common to both courses)

The study of business administration is the creation of your future self. Learn about society in actual situations and give form to your dreams.

Learn the foundation of business administration from the standpoint of "working"
You will study the foundation of business administration from a wide-ranging scope, including "Corporate Bookkeeping", as you become more conscious of your career, connect your goals to that study, and settle into student life.

Select the course that fits the path to your future goals and begin to consider the ways you can efficiently utilize business administration
In the second year, you will choose the course that best reflects your future path and interests toward more specialized learning. "Venture Business" enables you to hear from the founders of various industries and to study the present circumstances behind starting up a business.

Gain on-site experience and expand your vision with an in-company "business internship"
Investigate your specialty field of study and also begin seminar activities in greater earnest during this year. At this time, as you become more familiar with the satisfaction of being engaged in business administration, you will experience management in action through an internship that involves employment in an actual company.

Develop even further through graduate research and refine your knowledge as a business leader
Graduate research serves as the polish to the overall abilities you gain in this course. Each student will organize their opinion on a theme that is based on an issue of present-day corporate business administration in order to foster their problem-solving capabilities and an aptitude for making presentations that are useful in the real world.

Course Content

  • Marketing
    Cultivating the ability to perceive changes in the market based on both theory and accumulated practice
    It can be said that the operation of a company or organization is actualized by the accumulation of decisions. In this course, you will study techniques to quickly and accurately obtain the information that is necessary to make those decisions, as well as the information analysis capability that is required in product development, market research, and sales strategy planning. Toward your future career, company tours, internships, fieldwork, and more are offered in order for you to acquire the abilities that are demanded in a broad range of fields.
  • Business IT
    Heightening the practical skill to efficiently employ IT technology in business
    In this course, you will learn IT skills on a personal computer, as well as about state-of-the-art IT technology and up-and-coming businesses that employ that technology. These are the capabilities sought after by companies and organizations in a variety of fields, such as in their management planning staff, project managers, systems development administrators, and business information administrators. Cultivate the ability to utilize IT practically toward producing a new business, in management, and to shape your ideal career.