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The Global FD/SD Forum was held in Setsunan University

August 17, 2021

On August 3, the Global Education Center (hereinafter referred to as GEC) held Setsunan University Global FD/SD Forum online. The overall theme was "Practical examples of online global education," with a focus on the GEC's COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) practices.

As a case study 1, Assistant Professor Curtis Chu introduced the COIL education being promoted at the GEC, titled "Globalizing education in the classroom through collaborative online international learning". He introduced the Center's COIL education initiative. In addition to examples of the COIL program with National Chiayi University in Taiwan, he talked about the program with an American university scheduled for the second half of this academic year, and examples of COIL initiatives in different academic fields.

In Case Study 2, Assistant Professor Miho Kamada introduced the recent efforts of the GEC. A total of 118 overseas students, including university students from Mexico, Indonesia and other countries that are usually difficult to interact with due to financial reasons or academic schedules, participated in the Japanese Culture Autumn Program held online last year. She said that there are things we can do now that we cannot travel abroad.

In Case Study 3, Ms. Ayumi Kitagawa introduced the Global Student Staff (GSS) program. She introduced events such as online exchanges with students from overseas partner universities and a virtual tour of Vietnam for international students who cannot re-enter the country due to the Covid-19. This talk ended with a request for future cooperation from faculty and staff.

In the questionnaire after the forum, 71 faculty and staff members of the university participated, with comments such as, "This was a valuable report as I have been interested in COIL." and "I was able to get hints on how COIL can be used in my language classes." The satisfaction level of the participants was 4.53 (5 is a perfect score).

As the Covid-19 makes it difficult for students to travel abroad to study, the GEC will continue to implement new initiatives to continue learning through online and other means.

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