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COIL(Collaborative Online International Learning)

The Definition of COIL

COIL is short for Collaborative Online International Learning, which is also widely referred to as virtual exchange, online exchange, or telecollaboration. When faculty members at one university conduct COIL with faculty members in universities abroad, students will engage in learning together on various subjects. Flipgrid, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and different kinds of social media platforms are common examples of ICT used in conducting COIL.

COIL Programs at Setsunan University

Faculties at Setsunan University had been conducting COIL for several years. From one-time virtual exchange to semester-long COIL-based courses, students were able to learn with partners abroad on a wide range of topics.

1.Virtual study abroad program

Taiwan SDGs program

Partnering with National Chiayi University, the Taiwan Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) virtual study abroad program was established in 2020. Due to restraints on mobility from the COVID-19 pandemic, students were not able to physically travel abroad. The Taiwan SDGs program was established for students to explore SDGs related issues in both Japan and Taiwan. Additionally, sustainable tourism was another theme in the program, and students explored problems caused by tourism and researched how the tourism sector has been trying to contribute to the sustainability of tourism in their respective countries.

2.Online collaborative learning programs

Overseas partner university collaborative program

Students from Setsunan University and students from overseas partner universities (Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia) worked together under the theme of culture and SDGs. For the culture part, students gave presentations to share about their life and culture using photographs. For the SDGs part, they formed groups for each theme of interest and created presentations on how to solve the issues together.

Japanese webpage: https://www.setsunan.ac.jp/kokusai/news/detail.html?id=5290

Japanese language and culture Autumn program

Setsunan University usually accepts long-term and short-term international students during both summer and winter, but due to the pandemic, the acceptance of international students was canceled. In response to this situation, Setsunan University offered online classes where students can experience Japanese culture such as Japanese dance, Judo, and interactions with local students. 49 international students from six countries participated in the 12 classes in this program.

Japanese webpage: https://www.setsunan.ac.jp/kokusai/news/detail.html?id=4994

Global Communication Workshop

This workshop offered by Dr. Chu at the Global Education Center is a 10-week program that provides training on communication across cultures through the means of giving presentations during formal situations. Students were provided with both opportunities to give real-time and asynchronous presentations to international audiences, as well as receive feedback from international partners. Then, students were guided to reflect on how they could improve their presentation and language skills.

English website: https://www.setsunan.ac.jp/english/news/2021066200.html
Japanese website: http://www.setsunan.ac.jp/news/detail.html?id=5200

3.COIL-based semester long course

Topics in Global Citizenship

This is the first COIL-based semester long course at Setsunan University that led students explore issues of war and poverty. In collaboration with history professor Dr. Sydney Pash at Fayetteville State University and the Hiroshima Peace Museum, Japanese and American students learned together about the Hiroshima atomic bombing through lectures, survivor testimony, research, and exchanging opinions. In collaboration with English professor Dr. Helen Ditouras at Schoolcraft College, students learned about poverty in Japan and the United States of America through conducting group research and film analysis.

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