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Japanese Programs for International Students

Japanese Language Courses

Setsunan University Global Education Center provides two semester courses of Japanese language and Japanese culture classes for short-term international students. And we also offer shorter intensive course on request. There are classes to train skills such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and classes with various themes about Japanese society and culture. You can effectively improve Japanese proficiency from JPLT N3 (intermediate) to N1 (advanced). There are also chances to experience Japanese culture in practice, and study with Japanese students.


Semester Classes

Lecture Hours: Total 247.5 hours (per semester)
90 min 11 classes 15 weeks

Program Fee

Tuition: 180,000 yen for 1 semester
* Exc. cost for textbook, field trip, insurance, etc.

Intensive Course (Custom Program)

We offer various themes of Japanese classes based on students' major. And we offer Custom Programs to overseas institutions who send a group of 10-15students at a time. It is available from 1 week. Tuition depends on the term and the content. For more information, please contact the Global Education Center.


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