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Division of Mathematics

Toshio NAKATSU [Professor]

Portrait Prof. Nakatsu
There are many universal structures in our world, such as Newtonian mechanics and thermodynamics describing macroscopic physics, and quantum mechanics describing microscopic physics. My interest is to find their intimate relations mathematically and physically.

Toshimasa KOBAYASHI [Professor]

Portrait Prof. Kobayashi
I used to study minimal surfaces and harmonic maps, and now I study discrete geometry, such as graph theory.

Shigenori SEKI [Associate Professor]

Portrait Prof. Seki
I study string theory, which contains ample contents in Mathematics and Physics (e.g. geometry, elementary particles, etc.). I also study quantum entanglement.

Takehiro AZUMA [Associate Professor]

Portrait Prof. Azuma
String theory is a promising candidate for a unified theory of all interactions including gravity. Several matrix models have been proposed as the nonperturbative definition of string theory. My interest is to elucidate how the interactions between matters and our four-dimensional spacetime dynamically emerge from matrix models, using Monte Carlo simulation.

Kyoko TOMOEDA  [Associate Professor]

Portrait Prof. Tomoeda
Many natural phenomena, such as water (or viscous fluid) running down walls or thermal convection, are non-linear. My interest is to interpret these non-linear phenomena mathematically using analytical methods.

Yusuke OHKUBO [Lecturer]

Portrait Prof. Ohkubo
My research interest is integrable systems. Although there is no clear definition of the term “integrable,” systems that can be solved exactly are called the integrable systems. In particular, the main topics of my research are conformal field theories (CFTs) required for particle physics, representation theory of algebras associated with CFTs, and the eigenvalue problems of the Macdonald and Ruijsenaars operators obtained from one-dimensional many-body systems.