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Be part of the future of food and agriculture.

Food supply and agriculture are essential components of any society and as such have always raised important issues – issues that are subject to constant change, for instance in the wake of globalization.
To address these issues, academic institutions as well as commercial enterprises need to join forces, using the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence.
In the context of public health, policymakers and the medical community more and more understand the important role of providing people with healthy food as well as educating people about healthy eating.
To approach these essential issues, Setsunan University is committed to educating students who have an understanding of local conditions, but who also keep a global perspective in mind, and can thus develop answers to these questions independently and creatively.

Faculty Introduction

Department of Agricultural Science and TechnologyDepartment of Applied Biological SciencesDepartment of Food Science and Human NutritionDepartment of Agri-Food Business

A new way to think agriculture.Advanced Agricultural Research Institute

The Advanced Agriculture Research Institute at the Faculty of Agriculture aims to develop new approaches and explore new ways in agriculture through interprofessional collaboration both within the faculty and with specialists from other faculties, e.g. the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Faculty of Nursing, the Faculty of Science and Technology and beyond that with colleagues from our partner university the University Osaka Institute of Technology – an aim for which we have established a broad network within the academic world, and also politics and business.

The latest research results from the Faculty of Agriculture will be presented online monthly as “Setsudai Agricultural Science Seminars”.

Advanced Agriculture Research Institute Introduction


The Faculty of Agriculture at Setsunan University is promoting the SDGs

SDGs Icons

SDGs Icons

What are the SDGs?

The 17 goals aiming to realize a sustainable future society by 2030. The Faculty of Agriculture at Setsunan University is committed to human resource development, research and development, and social practice that will open the way to a better future through the study of agriculture.

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