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About the Portal Site and more

Communication from the university will be made through the “Setsudai Portal Site” (portal site for Setsudai students).

  • Important information such as event schedules and calls will be sent via “message” on the portal site.
    Please be sure to check it regularly.
  • Information such as the latest annual schedule and timetable is posted on the “Web Bulletin Board” in the portal site. Please check it regularly as it may be updated.
    Information on the Faculty of Agriculture can be found at “Web Bulletin Board – Bulletin Board for the Faculty of Agriculture”.

Setsudai Portal Site

The "Student Handbook" distributed at the time of enrollment contains detailed information necessary for student life.
In addition, the "Course Application Guidebook" distributed every year outlines course procedures, graduation requirements, and other matters that must be confirmed in order to complete your studies.
Please read the "Course Application Guidebook" in detail to make sure that there are no missing in the procedures and applications.

Setsunan University’s “Page for Current Students” contains information common to all faculties.
Please check this page regularly as well.

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Contact Information

If you want to ask any questions about classes, lost items, etc., please come to the counter of the "Office of the Faculty of Agriculture" (Building No. 8, 1st floor).

If you have any questions about commuter passes, club activities, or scholarships, please come to the counter of "Hirakata Office 1" (Building No.1, 1st floor).

For certificates issued by the university, an online system has been introduced on November 4, 2020, which allows students to complete the entire process from application to payment.
It is now possible to issue certificates using multi-copy machines, etc. installed in convenience stores nationwide.
Please refer to the Certificate Issuance and Notification Page for information on issuance methods, certificates that can be issued, issuance fees, etc.

About the classes

Please refer to "Timetable" to confirm whether each class is a "face-to-face class (all or part)" or a "distance class (real-time or on-demand delivery)".

Please be sure to read the "Distance Learning Guide" on the Setsunan University website for information on distance learning and how to enroll in distance learning classes.

The course information is mainly provided by "Microsoft Teams".
Please refer to "How to take remote class (for students) " to confirm the type of class you are going to take and how to take classes on Teams.

"WebFolder " and "Moodle " will also be used to distribute class materials and to provide and submit assignments.

The Teams communication channel will tell you which tools (Teams only, WebFolder or Moodle only, or a combination) will be used in each class.
Please use the "Teams code" listed on the timetable to join a team for the course you are taking.

About Office 365

Office 365 ProPlus, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, is available to Setsunan University students free of charge. There is no need to purchase these software for distance classes.
For details, please refer to the website of the Information Media Center .

If you do not know how to use any of the tools, please call the help desk listed in the "Distance Learning Guide " or ask questions at the office of the Faculty of Agriculture when you come to school.


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