Faculty Introduction

We raise specialists who proactively address and independently solve problems related to agriculture, food and nutritional value.

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Dean: Takashi SHIINA


Today, when we consider food and agriculture in our daily lives and on the planet as a whole, we are faced with a broad range of diverse issues. We need to raise specialists who can contribute to solving these issues. In order to meet this goal, the Faculty of Agriculture was established to develop human resources with a broad knowledge and a diverse range of skills related to food and agriculture: Individuals who can recognize problems on their own and proactively solve them considering a local and global perspective.

The Faculty of Agriculture has four departments for education and research in the fields of: food production, life and resources, nutrition, economics and business. With this spectrum, all aspects of agriculture – from production over processing and distribution to consumption – are covered.

The four departments are: the Department of Agricultural Science and Technology, which embraces knowledge and technology regarding agricultural production and the necessary environment; the Department of Applied Biological Sciences, which teaches the mechanisms of life of plants, microorganisms, animals, and marine organisms as well as the utilization of these organisms; the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, which teaches about food and nutrition as well as the relationship between food and health respectively disease treatment; and the Department of Agri-Food Business, which teaches about food and agricultural business as well as the symbiosis between both.

The Faculty of Agriculture aims to raise professionals with high motivation to engage in solving the problems of our generation guided by well reflected virtues, and accomplished by using profound knowledge and broad skills understanding agriculture as a comprehensive subject.

Sign of Dean: Takashi SHIINA

Department of Agricultural Science and TechnologyDepartment of Applied Biological SciencesDepartment of Food Science and Human NutritionDepartment of Agri-Food Business

From Osaka to Future

Rural and urban, regional and global.

The Faculty of Agriculture at Setsunan University is committed to education and research that will enable students to systematically acquire profound knowledge as well as diverse skills under a broad perspective regarding food and agriculture.

In addition to in-depth study of the specialized fields of each department, students in all departments will acquire knowledge and skills in a wide range of agricultural sciences, including “agricultural production”, “environment and ecosystems”, “biotechnology”, “industry creation”, “food safety and security”, “medicine and health”, “support for international cooperation”, and “growth and sustainability”.


Features of Learning

POINT 01Faculty of Agriculture in an urban area

Hirakata Campus, located between Osaka and Kyoto, is convenient for commuting from the Keihanshin(Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe) area and other parts of the Kinki region and for off-campus learning. Students can learn all the steps in the food and agriculture business: starting from production to processing and distribution and eventually to sales and consumption.

POINT 02Creating innovations in food, agriculture, and biotechnology

In collaboration with the University’s Faculty of Science and Technology as well as the Faculty of Informational Science and the Faculty of Robotics and Design Engineering at the Osaka Institute of Technology, we will engage in research in the field of advanced agriculture using AI, ICT, and IoT technologies. In addition, through joint research with companies, we will develop new functional and processed food products and conduct further research in biotechnology utilizing advanced technologies such as genome editing. Our experienced faculty members, including experts in the field of food, agriculture, and business, will promote detailed education and research, which is one of the characteristics of our university.

POINT 03Education and research in collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Nursing

Hirakata Campus, where the Faculty of Agriculture is located, is a campus dedicated to life science as collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Faculty of Nursing in education as well as in research is broadly conducted. Through joint classes and joint research on “food, biotechnology, nutrition, medicine, and health” with the medical faculty, we will raise specialists with a broad perspective and wide range of practical skills.

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